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Sandhamn is a historic site located in the outermost Stockholm archipelago. With its special location, the island is a paradise for those who seek an archipelago with rugged cliffs and white beaches. It is lively in and around the island’s port. There are restaurants, bars, hotels and shops. If you leave the harbor there are extensive promenades along the beaches and a pine forests filled with dwindling paths. You’ll have everything you need to experience a fabulous getaway or the vacation of a lifetime.


Sandhamn has a very long history dating back to the 13th century. The first time Sandhamn is mentioned in writing is the year 1289 as Swea Sandhö in a donation letter from King Magnus Ladulås to Klara Monastery in Stockholm. Until the middle of the 17th century, Sandön was used as feeding grounds for cattle. The island was mapped for the first time in 1640. It was also found that Sandhamn had a very strategic location at the entrance to Stockholm. Therefore, a fortress was built next to the narrow Sandhamns Strait which is commonly called “Sandhamns håle”.


Fishing guide

With the guides’ long experience and good local knowledge, you are taken directly to the hot spots with Sandhamnsguiderna . The fish we catch are sea trout, pike, perch, gorse and cod. The guides bring all the necessary equipment, from overalls to well-stocked fishing tackle boxes, and not least safe and functional sports fishing boats. The boats used are smaller, open boats that take up to 4 people per boat, which means there are more choices to find places where the fish is just that day. The Sandham guides are members of SOF (Sweden’s organized fishing guides), fully insured and put your safety and comfort first and foremost. We obviously apply catch and release.



Sometimes you just want to get away from tweets, mail, Facebook and mobile phones. You will find that kind of peace, isolation and inspiration at the queen of the Baltic Sea (Grönskär). Combine a guided tour of the island with a coffee or have the most important meeting this year! Guided tours and coffee breaks for groups up to 120 guests, day conference for about 24 guests and overnight stay for about 12 guests. To Grönskär you go by RIB, taxi boat  from Stockholm, Stavsnäs or Sandhamn. Welcome to a rich experience with Sandhamnsguiderna at Grönskär

Stand up Paddle


Sandhamnsguiderna, fixes everything for the conference at Sandhamn. There are experiences beyond the usual. Outer archipelago trip to one of the old fishing villages or seal colonies. Guided tour of Sandhamns village with a guide from the island. Skeet shooting on the neighboring island Björkö. Try to catch the Baltic Sea formula1 fish, sea trout. Explore the island on a bike. Take a trip on skis along the island’s beaches with a fika by the campfire. 

Stand up Paddle

Outerarchipelago tour

Gather some friends and reserve a RIB trip with the archipelago’s slowest RIBs. Speed at 50+ knots out to the outer rocky islet, where we cruise at low speed through old fishing villages, greet some seals, enjoy and have coffe on a somewhat desolate islet. Ask Sandhamnsguiderna and reserv a memorable experience. The boat can carry up to 12 passengers.



Teams of 8 to 12 people compete at 4 to 5 different stations, where competitive instinct, team spirit and ability to cooperate are tested in easygoing conditions.  Ask Sandhamnsguiderna and reserv a building experience.



To confer at Sandhamn offers various transport, activities and accommodation options, let Sandhamnsguiderna help you with planning and production. The range of activities spans from archipelago experiences to team building. Check out some seals on the way out from Stockholmm or take a break from work and experience the archipelago from a sea kayak. Contact Sandhamnsguiderna for help.


The village

The village is old, the first cabins in the village are as early as 18th century. Since then, the size of the village has increased. From the middle of the 1800s, the regular connections with Stockholm started, and it became the start of the Sandhamn as it is today, a summer paradise with bright summer villas, lots of visitors and sailing regattas. Follow the winding lanes of the village, take part in the classic Swiss cottages and the little cabin-like cottages in Sailor Village. Follow the guided tour of Sandhamnsappen.


The Beaches

The elongated beach of  Trouville, with its white sands, is located on the southeastern side of the island, 20 minutes from the village. An absolutely wonderful sandy beach to visit lazy summer days. Fläskberget is a smaller sandy beach adjacent to the western part of the village. It is a short walk through the village. Skärkarlshamn is an 8-minute walk east of the village, where Sandhamn’s sailing club also has its home base. From the beach you will see Grönskär and it is a perfect beach when it blows from the southwest.

Check out Sandhamnsappen it vill guide you to the beaches .

Stand up Paddle


When at Sandhamn furthest away in the archipelago, why not go further? Take a look at the area from a kayak. Sandhamnsguiderna rent out paddle and kayaks. Sandhamnsappen has various hiking suggestions, paddle to the summer paradise Alskär or visit the beautiful beaches of nearby Skanskobb, the neighboring area of the amphibian bataljon base Korsö. Discover Sandön from a kayak, paddle around the island and explore the beaches from the water, pause on the long shallow Trouville beach.

Rental cost for single kayak half day 350 kr whole day 600 kr
Rental cost for double kayak half day 600 kr whole day 900 kr
Reservation & info +4670-347 43 39



Sandön measures 3 * 1.5 km and is also suitable for cycling. Sandön is the real name of the island where Sandhamn is the name of the village, it takes about 20 min from the village to walk and 5 min to cycle to the stunning Trouville beaches. Most of the island consists of pine forest crossed by a maze of trails suitable for walking or running. For those who want to see as much of the island as possible rent bicycles, keep in mind that the forest is sensitive with thin soil layers so please follow the paths . Bikes, bicycles and handcart are available for rent at Sandhamnsguiderna.

Rental cost per day 300 kr
Reservation & info +4670-347 43 39



Get inspired by pictures from Sandhamn and surroundings

Check out Sandhamnsfotografernas website.